Chris is an award-winning composer and songwriter for film, musical theater, pop music and commercials.  His film and video score demo reel, and his songwriting reel, are here:

Here are some more in-depth samples of Chris’s work:

CRE Mockup 2

The Breakout: A Rock Opera:  The Breakout is a movie musical about a high school misfit’s quest to rescue the girl he loves from a psychiatric hospital.  Written by Chris and directed by award-winning director Jenn Page. Now on Amazon!


Danny Vs. The Darkness: Danny Vs. The Darkness is an upcoming musical feature about an aging rock star who, faced with a cancer diagnosis, struggles to reconcile with his estranged daughter.

Steve’s Quest: The Musical:  Winner of the IAWTV Award for Best Animated Series and the Hollyweb Award for Best Music, Steve’s Quest is an animated musical webseries that follows a young software engineer and his struggles with love, work and writing a sci-fi novel.

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