Chris is an award-winning composer and songwriter for film, musical theater, pop music and commercials.  His film and video score demo reel, and his songwriting reel, are here:

Here are some more in-depth samples of Chris’s work:

CRE Mockup 2

The Breakout: A Rock Opera:  The Breakout is an upcoming musical film about a high school misfit’s quest to rescue the girl he loves from a psychiatric hospital.  Written by Chris and directed by award-winning director Jenn Page.

Steve’s Quest: The Musical:  Winner of the IAWTV Award for Best Animated Series and the Hollyweb Award for Best Music, Steve’s Quest is an animated musical webseries that follows a young software engineer and his struggles with love, work and writing a sci-fi novel.


Marketing and Commercial Work:  Chris has composed music for commercials and marketing videos for corporate clients and nonprofit groups, like the videos above.

For news and candid and amusing updates, connect with Chris on Facebook or Twitter.